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In 2006, my elderly father was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder leaving my mother as his primary health advocate. As two healthy people who never had to interact with the medical system much in their lives, making the transition to navigating the system and advocating for themselves was difficult and had a steep learning curve. 

Years of dealing with physician's specialists, surgeons, rehab therapists took a toll on my mother. Tracking my father's symptoms, medications, vital statistics, and exercise was written in notebooks and scraps of paper.  When my father attended appointments on his own, his reduced memory and cognitive abilities meant that he often forgot to talk to the doctors about issues and then forgot or didn't understand what the doctors communicated back to him. Even when she was able to attend the appointments, my mother had a difficult time taking notes during appointments while communicating with doctors to get the care my father needed.

Over the years, I've heard this story told over and over again by countless seniors and their spouses and families. People like my parents do the best they can, but inevitably information for and from healthcare providers gets lost, forgotten, or misunderstood. This results in misdiagnosis, prescribing the wrong medication, and countless missed opportunities to speed up and simplify care of the elderly.

So, that's how ElderPRIME was born, from the need to simplify and improve communication between aging adults, healthcare providers, and their care my mom. 


Rob Parker, Founder and CEO, ElderPRIME

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ElderPrime is dedicated to provide the best possible tools and insights to help aging people retain independence and autonomy for as long as possible. Aging in place is an ideal that we aspire to contribute to, both for our users and across society.


We believe that self-empowering tools can improve quality of life. As we age, what we need from the technology we use may change, but also how we use technology can be affected by changes to our cognition, memory, and sensory acuity. Our goal is to make valuable digital solutions designed specifically to meet the needs and perceptions of aging people.

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