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For Benefits Providers

Empowered people are healthier people

By providing health empowerment tools to seniors and their health advocates, you are making a commitment to a healthy community and potentially lowering claim costs, all in one shot!

Contact us to find out more about how ElderPRIME can benefit your member community.


Did you know?


of elder adults use a smartphone.*

* From AARP survey, 2020


of people aged 60 and over would prefer to use a health app designed specifically for seniors.*

Unpublished Great Northern Research poll of seniors, 2022.


of elder adults have adequate health literacy skills to support them in making basic health-related decisions.* This deficiency could be reduced with increased access to health information and better tools for self-monitoring conditions and symptoms.

From the Canadian National Seniors Strategy, 2020, p.65

of elder Canadians are currently taking at least one inappropriate medication.* A risk that can be mitigated by better medication tracking and communication with physicians.

From the Canadian National Seniors Strategy, 2020, p.73

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