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Join the ElderPRIME Beta Program

Help Us Improve the Future of Elder Care.

Welcome to the ElderPRIME Beta Program! We are thrilled to invite you to be among the first to experience the revolution in elder care. By participating in our Beta Program, you'll gain FREE access to ElderPRIME for 6 months and be part of a community that's making senior living safer, more comfortable, and more connected than ever before.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Older adults: If you're interested in living independently while staying connected with loved ones, ElderPRIME is for you!

  • Family Members: Keep track of the health and well-being of your elderly relatives effortlessly, and offer support when it's needed the most.

Why Join?

  • 🎉 Free 6-Month Access: Use all the features of ElderPRIME absolutely FREE for your first six months.

  • 💌 Priority Support: Get direct support from our team to answer your questions and resolve any issues.

  • 📝 Influence Development: Your feedback will shape the future of ElderPRIME, ensuring it meets your needs and expectations.

Sign up for six months FREE!
($150 value)

Who are you signing up for?
Thanks for joining our Beta Program! We'll contact you shortly with details.
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