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ElderPRIME is health management for aging adults and their families

Stay in control of your healthcare, preserve your independence.

Losing the ability to manage your health is one of the biggest threats to your independence as an aging adult. It's also a major cause of anxiety and conflict for seniors and their families.


It's a fact: keeping track of medications, symptoms, and chronic conditions gets more complicated as we get older.


And effectively communicating medical needs to doctors is a barrier to good health if not done well—miscommunication in medical appointments is the root cause of most diagnostic errors. 

ElderPRIME helps aging adults and their families accurately track and communicate health needs and record, retain and securely share doctor's instructions to improve health outcomes, reduce diagnostic error, and prolong seniors' independence.




of elder adults don't feel they have adequate knowledge about their health to help them make basic health-related decisions.*


of diagnostic errors are related to the patient-clinician encounter and up to 56 percent of these errors are related to miscommunication.*


of elder Canadians are currently taking at least one inappropriate medication.*



Prepare for healthcare appointments

Appointments with your doctor can feel rushed, leaving you without all of your needs met or questions answered. Use the ElderPrime smartphone app to record questions and issues to talk about with your doctor.

Transcribe healthcare appointments

Taking notes can be a huge distraction during a doctor's appointment. ElderPrime will record and transcribe your healthcare appointments so that you can focus on communicating your needs and retain a record of what you and your doctor talked about.

Track your symptoms and medications

Keep track of symptoms, blood pressure, heart rate, medications, diet, and exercise all in one place. Get alerts if your prescribed medications are inappropriate for you or may cause adverse reactions.

Share your health information

Share your health information with family members or other health advocates to help them help you. All data sharing is secure and private.



Consolidate all of your healthcare notes, questions, and vital statistics into one convenient place: your smartphone. Record and transcribe your medical appointments to help you remember everything your doctor says. Get insights to help you get the healthcare support you need.

Care Advocates

Record and track medical information to help you take care of your loved ones' healthcare needs. Keep track of their medications, symptoms, exercise, and questions. Get transcripts of their healthcare appointments so that you know what their healthcare providers say, even if you can't be at their appointments.

Healthcare Providers

ElderPrime connects directly with your EMR or EHR. Track patient medications and treatments without the need to learn or manage another digital tool. ElderPrime is the only viable CHR (collaborative health record) interface for aging adults because it is the only tool designed specifically to be used by aging adults and their health advocates.

Insurance Providers

Improve the quality of life of your aging membership. The ElderPrime Benefits Providers Dashboard will give you insights on individual members so that you can recommend appropriate medical, wellness, and SDoH (social determinants of health) services.


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ElderPrime is dedicated to provide the best possible tools and insights to help aging people retain independence and autonomy for as long as possible. Aging in place is an ideal that we aspire to contribute to, both for our users and across society.

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