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Stay in control of your healthcare, preserve your independence.

ElderPRIME is health management for aging adults and their families.
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Control is in your hands

Losing the ability to manage your health is one of the biggest threats to our independence as aging adults. It's also a major cause of anxiety and conflict for seniors and their families.


ElderPRIME helps aging adults and their families accurately track and communicate health needs and record, retain and securely share doctors' instructions to improve health outcomes, reduce diagnostic error, and prolong seniors' independence.

Who ElderPRIME Helps

For Aging Adults
For Families

Aging Adults

After a lifetime of taking care of yourself and your loved ones, chances are you already have some good strategies to organize your healthcare.


But are the notebooks, sticky notes, and emails really doing a good enough job? When you go to the doctor, do you still miss items you wanted to discuss? Is it hard to remember the doctor's instructions? Is keeping loved ones informed about your healthcare becoming more of a burden than help?


ElderPRIME takes the methods you already use to record and organize medical information and consolidates them into a single, convenient, secure location—your smartphone.


You can also set appointment notifications, manage medications, see your health trends, get drug interaction alerts, and strategize ways to improve your health and your healthcare—things you can't do with a notebook.

ElderPRIME is your solution for optimizing your healthcare experience and staying in control of your health.



Whether you live in the same house with your aging loved one, across town, across the country, or on the other side of the world, helping manage their healthcare is a difficult and worrisome task. You do your best, but after a while your well-intentioned questions and reminders end up sounding like nagging and pestering.


How can you give the help your loved one needs and still support them in retaining their independence and dignity? How can you get health updates and doctor's instructions without making your loved one feel defensive or diminished?


ElderPRIME will give you access to the medical information your loved one is willing to share with you without having to ask or remind them. Whether you're near or far away, you can help them organize for appointments, save questions for the doctor, manage medications, get health updates and alerts, and coordinate care across the family.


ElderPRIME is the health assistant who can keep everyone informed and connected, reducing worry and conflict in the family.

Did You Know?


of elder adults don't feel they have adequate knowledge about their health to help them make basic health-related decisions.*


of diagnostic errors are related to the patient-clinician encounter and up to 56 percent of these errors are related to miscommunication.*


of elder Canadians are currently taking at least one inappropriate medication.*


How ElderPRIME Helps

Prepare for healthcare appointments

Appointments with your doctor can feel rushed, leaving you without all of your needs met or questions answered. Use the ElderPrime smartphone app to save questions and issues to talk about with your doctor.

Appointment agenda

Transcribe healthcare appointments

Taking notes can be a huge distraction during a doctor's appointment. ElderPrime will record and transcribe your healthcare appointments so that you can focus on communicating your needs and retain a record of what you and your doctor talked about.

Recording and transcriptions

Track your symptoms and medications

Keep track of symptoms, blood pressure, heart rate, medications, diet, and exercise all in one place. Get alerts if your prescribed medications are inappropriate for you or may cause adverse reactions.

Symptom tracker

Share your health information

Share your health information with family members or other health advocates to help them help you. All data sharing is secure and private.

Health reports


Designed for aging adults

Designed for
aging adults

Symptom & vitals tracking

Symptom &
vitals tracking

Medical appointment agenda

Medical appointment

Voice note recording & transcription

Voice note
recording & transcription

Remote care coordination

Remote care

Medication management


Drug interaction checking

Drug interaction

Expense tracking

Expense tracking

Partners & Affiliations


About Us

We believe that self-empowering tools can improve quality of life. As we age, what we need from the technology we use may change, but also how we use technology can be affected by changes to our cognition, memory, and sensory acuity. Our goal is to make valuable digital solutions designed specifically to meet the needs and perceptions of aging people.


ElderPrime is dedicated to provide the best possible tools and insights to help aging people retain independence and autonomy for as long as possible. Aging in place is an ideal that we aspire to contribute to, both for our users and across society.

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